Automatic swabbing compounds

SwabMatic 180 /180 NS

SwabMatic 180 has been designed to generate high level of swabbing performances by using an automatic spray system installed on cast iron moulds .  Such system requires frequent, stable & efficient swabbing cycles and maintains a clean product during automatic swabbing spray process.  Once automatic spray parameters defined, the system will work smoothly without shutdown interruptions. Transfer and build-up of carbon is minimized, therefore high quality appearance is maintained over an extended period and down time to change dirty blanks is reduced.

We also developed SwabMatic 180 NS which can be used on sulphur corrosion sensitive moulds (e.g. bronze).

Both SwabMatic 180 and  180 NS do not contain ingredients of animal origin, such as fatty acid from Lard Oil.

Glassline® SwabMatic is compatible & customizable for following robot technologies: