Air Lubes®

Virtually every manufacturing or processing plant utilizes pneumatic power equipment. The life and performance of pneumatic systems and air tools are essential to the productivity and operation of the plant. In adequate lubrication of pneumatics is one of the major contributors to poor performance.

FUCHS LUBRITECH AIR LUBE® family of products is specifically designed for pneumatic systems and equipment such as actuators, air motors and controls.

AIR LUBE® 10W/NR : general purpose for the majority of application.

AIR LUBE® 10H/NR : for older equipment using Nioprene or Buna-s rubber parts and seals.

AIR LUBE® AF : winter grade for low temperature conditions

GERALYN® AIR LUBE AA : NSF (H-1) approved for food service requirements

AIR LUBE® 10/PAO : fully synthetic for wider temperature range and elastomer compatibility.