Air Lubes' benefits

AIR LUBE®’s special emulsifier can absorb up to 10% of its weight in water, which prevents the formation of gum and sludge.

AIR LUBE®’s base oil, unlike most conventional oils, will not leave hard carbon deposits that can rob equipment of power.

AIR LUBE®’s contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, which will provide additional lubrication for the gears and other moving parts of heavily loaded tools.

AIR LUBE®’s corrosion preventative package helps prevent the rust that can occur in tools and airlines due to the moisture carried in the air.

AIR LUBE®’s formulation is designed not to affect rubber or plastic valves and seals.

Increased life, more power, longer service intervals, storage protection, lower lubricant usage and decreased total cost of a pneumatic system.

Available is a wide variety of package sizes that allows the end user to choose the application method best suited to their environment.

Numerous approvals from OEM manufacturers and end users haven been secured, including Cooper Power Tools, Intool (formerly Dresser), Stanley Air Tools, Cleveland Vibrator, ARO Corp., Pruderer Machine, Bicknell Manufacturer, Kent Air Tool and Merrick Machine.