Glass container lubricants

Today, a full line of products is available to the glass container industry under its own brand name Glassline.

Being in a highly specialised and sophisticated technical industry, we continuously maximize our strengths to answer to the diverse and individual needs of our customers.
We therefore always strive to work in a very close partnership approach with our customers to find the right answers and solutions to their specific questions and to develop, through our R&D activities, the products who meet the technical and environmental requirements.

As a result of such close collaboration, VDV Lubricants has recently developed new products that are still far ahead of competition in the aspect of health, safety and environment.
We are proud to be able to serve society with the product of the future.

VDV Lubricants is an ISO 9001:2008 certificated company.

Note: When selecting a product please contact us for confirmation of use.