IS lubricating oils

I.S. bottle forming machines are running with pneumatic systems; these systems need to be lubricated correctly with a minimum maintenance frequency. Therefore, following properties of the lubricants need to be controlled: resistant to air humidity or water contamination, long life & performant lubrication & stable to oxidation.

For many years, Glassline® IS Specials oils have demonstrated top performances as:

Water/humidity stable – can absorb water/humidity from compressed air up to 10% of its original weight
• High level of Extreme Pressure lubrication – see our results for the 4-ball Shell wear test
• Neutral effect on metal – pass all corrosion tests
• Wide temperature conditions – viscosity index from 90 to 149
• Extended injection time – up to double value of standard market oils, result up to 90min

Contact us for more technical data from above parameters.

Our customers have observed below results:

• Lubrication system cycle time can be extended, oil consumption reduced and hydraulicing effects due to over oiling eliminated.
Glassline® IS Special oils are the most performant & economical product available on the market for lubrication of IS machines.


Product Base oil ISO grade VI index Pour Point Oil acid number mg/KOH/g
IS SPECIAL 100 Mineral 100 >95 -20 0.43
IS SPECIAL 220 Semi-synthetic 220 >123 -24 0.28
IS SPECIAL 220 Synthetic Synthetic 220 149 -27 0.17